2012 Resolutions

, San Juan, PR

More and more I know I want to start a company to build a product that I can call my own, that solves a problem that I’m passionate about, and that provides me a lab in which I can experiment and learn faster than I ever have before. The most significant hurdles preventing me from dropping everything and doing it today are:

  • Income;
  • Opportunity cost of leaving a company that I love and that I believe is creating significant real value;
  • Product idea. This is the least significant of the three, I think.

My 2012 commitments to myself are:

  1. Learn how I can fund a startup that provides my income for at least a few months.
    • Research typical seed stage funding. Equity, debt. Via publicly available information and via friends who have done it.
  2. Actively evaluate continuing my current job, which I love, versus starting my own company, which I also believe I would love. Reevaluate quarterly, no later than April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1, 2013.
  3. Stop stealing time.
  4. Write weekly and publish it publicly.
    • My blogging to date has been haphazard and poor quality. Get better at it. Use it as an opportunity to learn about building an audience.
  5. Help my team to detect and fix defects much more quickly.
  6. Run at least 2 miles, at least 3 times a week Maintain a 7-day moving total of at least 7 miles run. Maintain a 7-day moving total of at least 3 runs.
  7. Do at least 50 push ups and at least 50 sit ups a day, at least 4 times a week. Maintain a 7-day moving total of at least 200 push ups. Maintain a 7-day moving total of at least 200 sit ups.

Please help me stick to my commitments.

What are yours?

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