Install Any Bookmarklet on an iPhone

, Wellesley, MA

iPhone Safari won’t let you copy the code of a bookmarklet. Conscientious bookmarklet publishers provide workarounds like prefixing the actual bookmarklet code with http:// so that you can copy it and install it on your iPhone. But others don’t. The bookmarklet below will reveal the code of any bookmarklet so that you can copy it and install it on an iPhone.

  1. Tap to reveal the bookmarklet.
  2. Copy the line that appears above the bookmarklet link.
  3. Bookmark this page.
  4. Edit the bookmark.
  5. Delete its location.
  6. Paste the copied bookmarklet from your clipboard.
  7. Save the bookmark.
  8. Visit any page with a bookmarklet.
  9. Tap the “Install Any Bookmarklet on an iPhone” bookmark to reveal the page’s bookmarklet.
  10. Install the bookmarklet the same way you installed the bookmarklet on this page.

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