My Ideal Note Taking Editor

, Boston, MA

My ideal note taking editor would combine my favorite features of:

It would be accessible from any computer or mobile device with a web browser.

It would be a wiki that would use Markdown to author its pages. [1]

It would be a blog that would use Markdown to author its posts.

It would provide real time rendering and collaboration on anything I’m editing.

It would store my content in the cloud, and it would provide me access to read and edit offline.

It would store content locally as standard files and folders so that I could use other text processing tools seamlessly.

For the time being, I keep a folder of notes files organized by year/month/day{/topic,}.txt I use Emacs on my laptop and WriteRoom on my iPhone. Both sync with Dropbox, but I only share the notes there with my own devices. For sharing with others, I want a real time Markdown wiki that works offline just as well as online.

[1] I prefer Markdown because it looks a lot like plain text, whereas other the syntaxes of markup languages are more verbose. Also, developers have ported it to many different languages, whereas most other markup languages have stronger ties to a single application. It would be nice to render a variety of markup languages in addition to Markdown.

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