So Many Ways to Communicate

, Boston, MA

When I want to share with others, I can sit down with them in person.

I can call on the phone, or with Skype. I can video conference, and share my screen.

I can write an email, a text message, a chat message, a tweet, a Facebook post, or a LinkedIn message. I can write a blog post, a wiki page, a document on Box or Dropbox, or a Google Doc. I can write a comment in JIRA, a README in a source code folder, or a comment inline in the source code. I can ask a question on Stack Overflow or Quora. I can discuss a mix of recent and relevant news on Reddit and Hacker News. I can have an open ended discussion on a mailing list, Google Group or Yahoo Group.

And that’s just a partial list of the tools I use with varying frequency. The freedom of choice brings the baggage of indecision.

I’d love a unified communication tool that provides effective shared spaces for collaboration.

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